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Among the workshop facilitation best practices, this one really sticks out! Have you ever tried to guess the final impact of your classes in an organization? It’s a daunting exercise, especially when your classes deal indirectly with a challenge that your organization is experiencing. So how can you make sure that a class really makes a dent on the problem? I have successfully used LEARNING IMPACT MAPS and I am happy to share with you how this simple tool can work wonders for any of your learning projects.


Quality learning programs are focused on creating a change of behavior that affects the bottom line in an organization. We fail in this effort if we do not anticipate and clearly chart a map of:

  •  how new knowledge in the workplace is going to translate into effective behaviors
  •  how new effective behaviors are going to translate into business results
  •  how business results are going to translate into organizational goals

Defining in advance the effective beaviors that your classes are supposed to create  results in more effective learning experiences that strengthen the possibilities of real organizational renewal and change.

Effective beahaviors through LEARNING IMPACT MAPS should not be viewed as an end in itself, but as a means to ensure learning excellence, innovation, and ultimately change.


  • Draw four columns in a piece of paper. In the first column write the learning objective of your session
  • In the second column write the behaviors as a result of your session that you hope will emerge after the class
  • In the third column write down the business results that will come from people adopting the effective behaviors described earlier
  • In the fourth column list how these business results will serve the overall organizational goal of the organization you are working in
  • Share the resulting document with your stakeholders and trainees. The discussion that originates will provide clear guidelines for the creation of value as you deliver training sessions.

See an example of a completed Learning Impact Map here.

What would be possible if people would understand the link between learning and effective behaviors? What if your organization would start seeing in specific terms the link between learning and business results?