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I love poetry and I want to take this opportunity to wish a great 2015 to all my friends with the verses of David Whyte, a poet that has brought his talent into the field of organizational and leadership development. I read his verses often in my work with groups and find his words graceful and energetic at the same time.

This poem touches on the theme of the questions that waits us, those fateful questions that have the potential – if properly asked and given enough time – to make a difference in our life and work.

Enyoy! To your great questions!


Sometimes if you move carefully through the forest
breathing like the ones in the old stories
who could cross a shimmering bed of dry leaves without a sound,
you come to a place whose only task
is to trouble you with tiny but frightening requests
conceived out of nowhere but in this place beginning to lead everywhere.

Requests to stop what you are doing right now, and
to stop what you are becoming while you do it,
questions that can make or unmake a life,
questions that have patiently waited for you,
questions that have no right to go away.

David Whyte