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INTEGRAL LEADERSHIP REVIEW – Particles magazine – Published with permission  

I grew up and was educated in Rome, Italy. Here are a few flashbacks about my life as a learner in the Italian school system:

  • Elementary School, 1972: Maestra Arena would consider any question from the class as a personal insult and refuse to answer.
  • 12th grade, 1977: Signor Pumo would simply not acknowledge our presence in the class as we walked in and would make fun of the students with low grades.
  • High School, 1986: Signora Bondi would lecture for hours, then she would draw a name from a little box, bingo-like, to select the student that would have to parrot back what she had said.

Alas! The Italian didactic style – being more theoretical and less interactive than that of the U.S. system – conditioned my thinking about teaching and learning at an early age. These experiences provided a powerful paradoxical teaching experience that has guided my life in becoming a specialist of the leadership skills workshop across the Atlantic. (click here)