We are passionate about this work and would love to help you join a growing number of daring leadership educators willing to use this approach for the sake of deep, meaningful leadership development.

An assumption that grounds all case-in-point teaching: we are effective in teaching leadership ONLY WHEN we as facilitators both model and exercise leadership in the classroom space. As leadership development practitioners, our call to leadership expresses itself through our ability to build leadership capacity in others. Rather than “talking about” leadership, case-in-point gives educators access to engage in acts of leadership themselves.

In our course about teaching with Case-in-Point we have distilled what we are learned about teaching this way and teach it using Case-in-point. Be warned: the feeling is more like facilitating a discussion than traditional lecturing and this might seem disorienting at first, especially if you have been using conventional lecture up to this point. We ask you to whether your initial surprise or disorientation and keep going.

We teach this course and share with you its companion online video resource because we have experienced the power of Case-in-point, especially as it applies to the effective exercise of leadership in the classroom. Consequently, until the light goes on for you, and when you will find yourself wondering if the challenge of dealing with these at first unfamiliar or new perspectives is worth it, you will need to remind yourself of the promise of “leadership in the moment.”

What we present in our course is meant to challenge your current worldview of how to teach leadership – online and face-to-face – and your mindset regarding the exercise of leadership from the front of the room.

Get ready to be surprised! When you remain open to this new approach to leadership development, Case-in-point will begin to crystallize and – we predict – energize , even galvanize your own teaching . As has been the case for the two of us, you might never want to teach in any other way again!

We hope you join us! To possibilities!

-Adriano & David

Our session is $599.00. Our early bird rate (until Sept.29) is $499 – Call 202-262-3371 for Group rates.


  1. Delivery of a 2-day session with plenty of opportunities for practice!
  2. Free “TEACHABLE MOMENTS OF LEADERSHIP” the e-book written by Adriano Pianesi and Jill Hufnagel on Case-in-point (a $29.00 value);
  3. 6‐Question survey link for needs analysis sent by e‐mail to all participants before class to assess your specific needs;
  4. A set of Job Aids on “Case in Point” ; “Experiential Learning Methodologies”; “Keeping a Case-in-Point Conversation Going” and “The first 3 minutes;”
  5. Case-in-Point articles and reference materials

    This 2-day class is currently scheduled for November 6-7 2017


This class has a minimum of 12 participants.

The class is held for both days in the DC Campus of the Carey Business School:

DC Campus – Room room 205 – 1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20036

Our Case-in-Point Session in Tokyo at the Ayoyama Gaukin University in 2015
Case-in-point is an innovative, experiential framework that uses the dynamics unfolding in the room as fodder for leadership development and learning. By seeing a room of individuals as a system and surfacing the complex forces at play in that system, participants are able to identify the leadership concepts coming to life in the moment. An approach that seeks to engage participants both intellectually and emotionally, case-in-point shifts the focus from didactic, front-of-the room dispensing of knowledge to system-wide engagement. Such an approach tends to disappoint participants’ expectations and in turn to generate a level of disequilibrium. The work of the facilitator is to hold participants through that disequilibrium to begin to generate insights about the rules of engagement and about their individual default reactions to ambiguity, chaos, and conflict. An experimental framework, case-in-point asks that the facilitator model the very behaviors core to developing leadership capacity: holding steady in the midst of uncertainty, developing multiple interpretations of what’s going on in the moment, navigating participants’ calls for protection, order, and direction from authority. For the educator this work is daunting, unclear, and messy by design—in effect mirroring the work of leadership in every other realm. We’ve found that when what’s happening in the room is different, ambiguous, unfamiliar, people often tend to replicate what they’ve seen. Our hope here is not for you to replicate our approach but rather to find yourself and your own practice as you watch ours.

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