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Leaders and educators needs to stay open to the unfolding life of the group in the “here and now” and take a reflective stance.

 This is a door to enter below-the-surface context for ourselves and for our  teams. This is a call to an immersive and experiential work; this is about our experience, our learning, which means it is about changes within ourselves. 

If, as educators, we want to work through our classes’ teachable moments, then we need to remain open, to notice, to expose and explore the world that exists beneath the surface of individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. Wemake available for consideration and meaning-making some of those aspects of our lives that are not normally within our awareness. We develop a new sensibility sensibility.

Implicitly we acknowledge that even if the phenomena of this world beneath the surface are not often part of our conscious awareness, they still have a constant and active influence on everything we do. The part that these beneath-the-surface phenomena play has precisely the same effect as those phenomena that part of our conscious awareness. It is this increased, trained, conscious, enhanced awareness that we need to be in touch with and develop if we are to become skilled practitioners in evoking teachable moments in our classes.