Change Canvas Instructions (PDF)

Box-by-Box Instructions to fill your Change Canvas

This is tool is as easy to use, as powerful. The Change Canvas asks you to deconstruct your own idea of change to stretch the horizon of possibilities.  The goal: to boost the chances of success of your change initiative, by listing how change will play out through 10 boxes.

Answer the questions and fill your answer in each box:

  1. What is the reality you are operating in?
  2. What values do people believe and consider important?
  3. What’s your readiness for change? How ready, capable, able and willing to make this change happen are you?
  4. What is your purpose? If you are the right person to make this happen, what do you bring to the task? What is the generous aspiration you want to realize in this change?
  5.  What are the risks to you and to us as a group, gaps and limiting beliefs that you need to deal with?
  6. What is your next critical goal in this change?
  7. What are the fears, potential losses and preferred outcomes of the factions or groups of people around this issue?
  8. How do you interact with each faction? Who are you to them? What is your relationship with each?
  9. How do you help them reach shared purpose? What inspires them? What narrative can bring them to the work?
  10. What will you do next to make progress? What will your next action be?

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it.


Step 2

Read the overall description of the Model described in the Instructions and familiarize yourself with the overall process.


Step 3

Use page 47 and 48 to jot down your first canvas in at least the first 5 boxes.

Try to be brief. Write down to fill in the boxes using the examples in the instructions.

Move fast and don’t overthink each answer. You will have plenty of chances to review it later.

Get the instructions in PDF