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One way to ensure you run a high-engagement webinar is creating a “buzz” about your own session. You can do this by sharing in advance some of its content with your audience – as a “teaser”. This is also an opportunity to showcase the “difference” of your online sessions from the average “death by PowerPoint” webinar so common today.

Webinar facilitators that take the time to create a “buzz” ahead of their sessions:

  • Attract more people to their webinars,
  • Increase their credibility with their audiences by creating additional opportunities to introduce themselves and their expertise to their audience before the webinar,
  • Have a clear sense of what their attendees really want from the webinar, so that the work of preparation is done with the attendees’ expectations in mind,
  • Know that online “less is more”, and are courageous in making tough choices, like leaving the “nice to know” contents out of their webinar agendas.

To avoid that this important work is not forgotten in the “whirlwind” of busy preparation time for better webinars, I recommend to make it a deliverable. I suggest you write – or better, record if you are technically savvy – a short, three-minute introduction on your session in a TV-interview format with the objective to create a “buzz” about the session itself , but most importantly:

  • To clarify your expectations and the one of your audience,
  • To do a little “teaser” for your audience that wets their appetite for more,
  • To start thinking what should and should not be in the agenda.

This prepares the audience and is particularly helpful when your webinars sessions are NOT like the average webinar available out there.

To do this work, do not need to reinvent the wheel! I have created and used this script here on a side with some key questions for you to answer, simple questions as a way for you to share:

1. Some key information about your expertise,
2. What the webinar will be all about,
3. How you will do the work in the session,
4. What key contents will be part of the agenda.

Sometimes I have simply attached the interview Q&A to an email and sent it in advance; in other occasions I have recorded the three-minute interview and shared it through an audio-clip online service.

You will noticed the benefits of this work right from the start: participants more focused on the session’s topic, a webinar design centered on a few, key content elements and a clear guideline for you to measure how your performance in the webinar will be rated.

Download the PRE-WEBINAR Interview script by clicking here.