Blank Change Canvas (PDF)

Change Canvas

The Change Canvas is a 1-page template powered by the powerful insights about change of the Adaptive Leadership framework and the participative and user-friendly ways of Design Thinking Methodologies.

Like a canvas on which to paint, the Change Canvas allows change-makers to explain their idea for change to other people whom they want to involve in their initiative. Like on a canvas, they can paint an existing change and make it tangible and easier to understand.

The Change Canvas assumes that the work of change requires:

  • Assessing reality (boxes 1, 2, 3) rather than focusing on what to do, why you’re doing it or yourself;
  • Recognizing your own purpose (box 4) rather than assuming that your good intentions are enough for success;
  • Knowing the risk you face when trying to make change happen (box 5) rather than minimizing it or exaggerating it;
  • Identifying you next critical goal, that is pacing the work by breaking down your aspiration (box 6) rather than going for too much too soon;
  • Thinking politically about your change (boxes 7, 8, 9) rather than ignoring the political reality of the context; and
  • Planning the next action to make progress (box 10).

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it.


Step 2

Print on a large paper to use it with your team.


Step 3

Fill each box by answering the questions you can see in the Instructions.

Get the Change Canvas in PDF