Adriano Pianesi

The collaborative leadership tools we learned from Prof. Pianesi was instrumental in saving time and effort in our projects. This was a great experience!

Tracy Tafolla

US Marine Corps

He has a special ability to connect with a diversity of people, and touch them at their core. I have seen people transformed from their interaction with him, to become better versions of themselves.

Joanna Cohen

Institute for Global Tobacco Control - Bloomberg School of Public Health

The new thinking by design that Adriano  taught us boosted the productivity of our organization by 30%, and have changed how we now do collaboration in our work. 

Michael Burkhard

VP of Human Resources, JDSU

Adriano is an enthusiastic leadership educator and change consultant schooled in organizational theory. He couples this expertise with 15 years of management experience. 

He also blends innovative, resultsdriven facilitation with strategic vision and passion for professional development as a tool for strategic realignment/enterpriselevel organizational change. He focuses on increasing client success through selfawareness, tolerance for ambiguity, learning agility, demonstration of new processes, creativity and advancing collaborative intelligence.

Through his consulting practice, Adriano helps diverse groups of people come together to solve tough problems. He also helps leaders work for change by unleashing the creativity inherent in organizations and by harnessing its power for innovation.

As a practitioner, Adriano speaks throughout the U.S. and internationally on leading integral change and leveraging the collective intelligence of systems for innovation. In his faculty role at Johns Hopkins University, Adriano teaches graduate students and executives the kind of leadership achieved through work identity (insideout) and mobilizing resources within systems (outsidein) for shared learning and future cocreation.

 Adriano holds an MBA from the University of Milan. He studied Leadership Development at the Harvard Kennedy School with Prof. Heifetz and is a faculty member of Johns Hopkins University’s  Carey Business School, where he also teaches for the Office of Executive Education. He has been a faculty member of the World Bank’s Team Leadership Program and of the State Department’s Experiential Learning Program.

He is the author of the ebook Teachable Moments of Leadership where he describes a stateoftheart experiential leadership learning methodology that gets real results.

Adriano’s work draws on advanced knowledge of organizational change and group dynamics and interventions—including humancentered design, Adaptive Leadership, large systems dialogue, cultural transformation tools, innovation and creativity, multistakeholder collaboration, systems thinking, facilitation and leveraging the innovative power in conflict and diversity.

His repertoire features experiential learning (Action Learning, Case-in-Point, case teaching, dialogue education, peer learning, Action-reflection Learning), innovation methodologies (design thinking, emergent design, sprint, and business model design) and large group methods (Open Space Technology, World Café, Circle, Future Search).

He has been teaching, facilitating and designing online experiences since 2008.