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What are the options when it comes to selecting the way your voice will be heard when you give a webinar? What is the most powerful audio option if your objective is to maximize interactivity and engagement?

I am an avid user of the Connect feature called “breakout rooms” which allows me to create up to 10 sub-conference calls during a session and divide people in group of 4 or 5 for some autonomous group work. The “breakout rooms” feature is only possible if you use the audio option of the Integrated Conference call system (a conference call system that is integrated in your own webinar platform). The option comes with a small price per participants, but its advantages versus the other options are remarkable.

See a more in-depth exploration and the differences among the three most popular webinar audio choices in this Job Aid from our Course “The Art of Online Hosting” available here for download.

Happy Reading! I wish you Better Webinars! 🙂