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Not so long ago, a Forbes article was written listing the qualities that make a great leader. For example, honesty, communication, and a sense of humor of some great leadership skills. But how do you use these skills to your advantage when you’re in a Leadership Lab? The following tips will help you to utilize the power of breakthrough leadership.

Leadership Style

Understanding your current leadership style is essential. What are your strengths? Which areas need some improvement? Once you’ve determine which areas need some work, you can begin looking for ways to improve your leadership abilities. Being a leader forces you to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the company, and enables you to develop a good sense of reality.

Role Model

Transformational leaders exemplify the behaviors and characteristics that they encourage in their followers. They walk the walk and talk the talk. Great leaders know that leading by example gets better result than a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach. Work on modeling the qualities that you would like to see in your team members. You have to understand and be good enough at leadership to teach it to your employees, both by example and by coaching.

Positive Attitude

You can serve as an inspiration to your team members with an upbeat optimistic attitude. This does not mean viewing things through rose-colored glasses. It simply means maintaining a sense of optimism and hope in the face of challenges.

Recognize Accomplishments

A true leader takes his or her team members’ accomplishments as a point of pride, and recognizes that the mark of a great leader isn’t creating followers–but instead developing other leaders. Being a leader enables you to recruit, hire, and promote employees who demonstrate leadership abilities. However, an inspiring leader will recognize that no matter why the team falls short, he or she is to blame. Even if he or she believes that a specific team member might have been the cause, the breakthrough leaders shoulder the blame and spur the team to do better.


Always be open-minded. It is okay to admit that as a leader you don’t necessarily know everything. Be willing to learn, or ‘unlearn’ on an ongoing basis. Remain adaptable when leading under difficult circumstances. Leaders have to be able to change course; that is, first make sure their businesses will survive, and then find a new way to reach their goals.

If you want to give your business a good start toward success, it has to start with leadership, and leadership has to start with you. As a leader, you have to learn to communicate your vision or the vision of your company to the people you want to follow you. With the above tips is mind you should have no problem implementing the power of breakthrough leadership in a leadership lab.

What could you accomplish with these quality in your organization?