The world is shifting under our feet.

Learn how we can help ensure your organization… 

is fit-for-purpose for distance learning/gatheringshas the capacity to adapt and thrive in times of disruption

Leadership is tough, and – no matter who you are – it’s risky to lead.

He can’t protect you, but he can prepare you. He can create a learning space for you to practice safely and for you to do it “live”.

With over 20 years of experience, Adriano Pianesi has helped corporations, non-profits, universities and governments improve their leadership through experiential learning, Dialogue Education, Action Learning, Case teaching, Case-in-Point, Open Space Technology and the World Café.

His workshops promise to deliver results in 100 days and have helped people from all over the world come together to solve tough problems and work for change by harnessing the powers of conflict, diversity and complexity. Not later…but right now!

20 Years of Helping Organizations Become More Engaged and Focused

Change/Leadership Consulting

Workshops that focus on improving the existing capacity of your team, not unnecessary changes.

Retreats, Planning & Facilitation

Task – based retreats that encourage resolution through your team’s strengths and collaboration.

Leadership Development

Enter a space where the focus is on ‘doing the work’ in order to improve how you identify and handle the defining moments of leadership.

Train the Trainer Workshops

A program to help trainers hone their craft and expand their leadership techniques and methodologies.

Teachable Moments of Leadership

Download 2 free chapters from the book

Case-in-Point Resources for Daring Leadership Educators

Case-in-Point is an immersive and experiential methodology to teach leadership. The idea is simple: people learn about leadership by experiencing it hands‐on in real time, rather than hearing someone talk about it. Teaching leadership experientially means recognizing, naming and reflecting upon leadership concepts as the group experiences them—as they materialize in front of our very eyes.

Download this guide to explore the importance of:

  • Showing up as you are
  • Acknowledging expectations and assumptions
  • Harnessing the power of the first question

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