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Adriano Pianesi

Adriano helped us improve team productivity by 20% in just 3 days.

Anthony Sozanski

HR Director, Phillip Morris

The increased collaboration we learned from Prof. Pianesi was instrumental in saving 25% of our project time in 6 months.

Tracy Tafolla

US Marine Corps

The “outside-of-the-box” thinking that Adriano Pianesi taught us boosted the productivity of our organization by 30%.

Michael Burkhard

VP of Human Resources, JDSU

I am a leadership practitioner, a change agent, a high-performing team coach, a consultant, a learner/teacher who helps people create better futures. Through my consulting practice, I help diverse groups of people come together to solve tough problems, and help leaders work for change by harnessing the powers of conflict, diversity and complexity.

As a leadership practitioner, I speak throughout the US and internationally on leading integral change and leveraging the collective intelligence of systems for innovation. In my faculty role at Johns Hopkins University, I teach graduate students on the kind of leadership done through the work of identity (inside-out) and the work of mobilizing resources within systems (outside‐in)for shared learning and future co‐creation.  I am recognized as an innovative and challenging educator. And Indeed, I am not a traditional facilitator or consultant. I do not shy away from vigorous debate and engage in a powerful inquiry to get to the essence of training leaders and developing teams.

I hold a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Milan. I am a member of the Society for Organizational Learning and of the World Cafe’ community of practice. I am a certified Action Learning coach and a passionate experiential learner/teacher.

My work draws on an advanced knowledge of transformative social change, group dynamics and interventions, including human‐centered design, adaptive leadership framework, large systems dialogue, cultural transformation tools, multi‐stakeholder collaboration, systems thinking, IAF facilitation, and leveraging the innovative power of conflict and diversity.

My teaching repertoire includes experiential learning, Dialogue Education, Action Learning, Case teaching, Case-in-Point, Open Space Technology and the World Café.